Breast Augmentation San Diego

Breast Augmentation has given many women the natural looking curves and fullness they desire.

Breast augmentation is a surgical operation performed to increase the size and improve the shape of the breasts through the use of an implant for a number of reasons:

  • To enhance the body contour of a woman, who for personal reasons feels that her breast size is too small.
  • To correct a loss in breast volume after pregnancy.
  • To balance breast size, when there exists a significant difference between the sizes of the breasts.
  • To restore breast shape after partial or total loss of the breasts for various conditions.
  • To replace existing breast implants for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons.

Conditions that involve sagging of the breast or diminished skin tone (stretch marks) may require additional surgical procedures such as a breast lift.

Implants are not all created equal. Your breast implants should provide natural beauty, confidence, and – above all – peace of mind.

Now available in our office, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant, a new third type of implant that is filled with saline, but has an internal structure to make it behave as if filled with silicone gel. The IDEAL IMPLANT contains a series of nested shells that provide support to the edges and control fluid movement to prevent bouncing. The result is an implant that combines certain key features and benefits of both saline and silicone gel implants.

Like the saline implant, the filler is only saline, which women like for peace of mind in case of a rupture/deflation. Like the silicone gel implant, it has a natural feel, but without the risk of silent rupture and FDA-recommended MRI scans – women can simply look in the mirror and know their implants are intact. In addition, clinical trial results at 6 years show the IDEAL IMPLANT has a lower rate of capsule contracture and a lower rate of rupture than silicone gel or saline implants for primary augmentation.

Do your own side-by-side comparison of the IDEAL IMPLANT to the silicone gel implant. 

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